Bike engine oil replacement

In all the engines, the engine oil has to be replaced at regular intervals. In some of the older generation engines, the engine oil is to be replaced every 2000 to 2500 kms. In some of the new generation vehicles, the engine oil can be replaced at every 3000 to 3500 kms.

The critical actions to be taken during  engine oil replacement

  1. Engine oil replacement
  2. Engine oil filter replacement

Optional actions that can be taken during  engine oil replacement

  1. Engine oil flush
  2. Addition of engine oil treatment

Other scenarios where engine oil replacement or top up is needed


  1. Low oil level (Below the minimum mark in the dipstick) due to leak or consumption
  2. When preparing the vehicle for a long drive (If you see that the vehicle is going to run past the life of the oil)


Tip: Checking the oil level of every 500 kms is good. If the oil level is below the minimum mark in the dipstick, it should be topped up using the same grade.

Types of engine oil that can be used in motorbikes


  1. JASO-MA
  2. JASO-MA2
  3. API – SG through API – SM
  4. Any engine oil designed for wet clutch applications


Types of engine oil that should not be used in motorbikes


  1. Scooter engine oil
  2. Car engine oil
  3. Diesel engine oil
  4. JASO MB grade
  5. Any oil designed for vehicles with dry clutch
  6. If you are not sure of the characteristics of engine oils with additives claiming more efficiency or anti friction modifying properties.


How to replace the engine oil?

Pre – replacement steps:


  1. Check oil level before draining(If the oil level is lower than the level during new oil fill up, the engine should be checked for oil leak and consumption)
  2. Check the oil colour
  3. Check the oil viscosity

Post drain steps

  1. Check the volume of oil
  2. Check for metal filings in the oil
  3. Check for fibrous material in the oil

Procedure to drain the oil

  1. Remove the oil plug and check the oil level
  2. Fill in engine oil flush if required (optional)
  3. Fix the oil  plug and run the engine for 5 minutes in idle. If you are not using engine oil flush warm the engine for 5 minutes.
  4. Stop the engine
  5. Loosen the engine oil drain bolt found at the bottom of the crankcase
  6. Place a container under the crankcase to collect the old engine oil
  7. Remove the drain bolt fully and drain the oil fully. Let it drain for 1 hour
  8. Once the oil is drained fully, put back the drain bolt and tighten it.Do not tighten the drain bolt beyond the specified torque. As far as possible change the gasket or washer of the drain bolt.
  9. Remove the oil plug again and pour the exact amount of new oil required into oil filling hole
  10. Put back the oil plug and warm the engine by running it in idle for 5 minutes before driving

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