Bike engine oil replacement

In all the engines, the engine oil has to be replaced at regular intervals. In some of the older generation engines, the engine oil is to be replaced every 2000 to 2500 kms. In some of the new generation vehicles, the engine oil can be replaced at every 3000 to 3500 kms.

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Installing Zurmo CRM on Ubuntu 14.04

Free and Open Source Software Knowledge Base

Zurmo is an Open Source CRM software by Zurmo inc. In this article, let see how to install the community edition of this software.

Update the packages

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Install the dependencies required

apt-get install lamp-server^
apt-get install memcached php-apc php-soap php-pear php5-memcache php5-curl php5-imap php5-gd php5-dbg php5-mcrypt php5-ldap

Enable the required PHP modules

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Munnar is a small town amidst a hill station in Idukki district on the Western Ghats. The name ‘Munnar’ in Tamil means Three Rivers. It is named so as the three rivers  Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala creates a confluence here. However the whole place is called Munnar at times.

It is a picturesque hill station carpeted with tea plantations which contribute to the scenic view around, whenever moved out of the town. The hill stations have many towns and villages where the inhabitants are mainly Tamilians and Malayalees. The tea plantations in the hills are owned and maintained by Tata Ltd. There are many Tea factories in the hills.  The towns around Munnar are Marayoor, Devikulam and Adimaly. The pincode is 685612 and the STD code is 04865. The suitable time to visit Munnar is from September to June

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Distance from known places

City Distance
Chennai 595
Bengaluru 455
Coimbatore  158
Mysuru  337
Madurai  153
Trichy  255
Salem  273
Hyderabad  1023
Cochin  130
Aluva  110
Allepey  180
Thekkady  106
Pollachi  120

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