Bundling FreeBSD 8.2 image for OpenStack

The following method was tested with FreeBSD 8.2 image bundled into Diablo version of OpenStack. The OpenStack cloud was setup using the procedure given in the following link.


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Open Source – Command line Audio Players for FreeBSD and Linux

A FreeBSD or a Linux system in which GUI is not installed can play audio files with the help the following tools:

  1. mpg123
  2. mpg321
  3. ogg123

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Installing Qemu on FreeBSD 8.1


To install Kqemu-kmod use the following command.

 # pkg_add -r kqemu-kmod 

To Install Qemu use the following command.

 # pkg_add -r qemu 

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FAMP – Installing Apache2.2, MySQL, PHP on FreeBSD-8.1

Pre-Installation Tasks

Before installation of the components, Download the compressed snapshot of the ports collection, using the following command

# portsnap fetch

Now extract the snapshot into /usr/ports using the following command

# portsnap extract

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Installing Xfce4 on FreeBSD 8.1

Installing X11

Xorg is the default X11 implementation for FreeBSD and can be installed using the following command as the root user

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