Fuji Velvia 50 Random Shots

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Munnar on Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400

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Munnar Shot in Fuji Pro 400H

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Buying Photographic film rolls in Chennai

The Analog Geek

All Ilford films are available with this guy who is into film photography based startup called The Analog Geek in Chennai. He sells film rolls for a competitive price too.

He has the following Ilford films in stock in 120 format and 35mm.

  1. Ilford Pan F+ 50
  2. Ilford Delta 100
  3. Ilford Delta 400
  4. Ilford Delta 3200
  5. Ilford SFX 200
  6. Ilford XP2 400
  7. Ilford HP5+ 400
  8. Ilford FP4+ 125
  9. Kentmere 100
  10. Kentmere 400

Apart from Ilford films, he also stocks JCH Pan 400

He also stocks the following films occasionally

  1. Orwo UN54 100
  2. Fujifilm C200
  3. Kodak Color Plus 200
  4. Lucky Film

He also develops B&W films and scans all types of films.

His contact details:

Name : Thasin Jeelani
Phone : +91-9677103338